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Premier Support Plan

Comprehensive technology support and proactive monitoring & maintenance.

MacTechnologies’ Premier Support Plan is a comprehensive, full service outsourced IT support solution. It’s like having an in-house IT staff at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, there’s none of the hassle and cons that come with staff.

MacTechnologies will tune your technology to optimum performance and maintain it. We monitor your technology and perform proactive maintenance. If a problem arises, we address it before it becomes worse, and most of the time without any interference to you and your work. In an emergency, our guaranteed priority response means we are there to resolve the problem and get you back to work fast.

We are able to focus on what we do so you can focus on what you do. The end result is a proactive solution for your technology which minimizes down-time, allowing you to maximizes productivity.

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IT Monitoring & Maintenance

Proactive information technology monitoring & maintenance.

Technology monitoring and maintenance are a small part of our Premiere Support Plan but when that plan is not an option, we can still provide a level of proactive support. MacTechnologies can monitor your technology 24/7 and inform you when something is amiss. You can then schedule us to come on-site, or log in remotely, to resolve the problem before it turns worse. A maintenance plan can also be added to our monitoring program, providing yet another layer of proactive support.

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Reactive Support

Technology services as needed.

If proactive solutions are not possible, you can always call us in an emergency. We can schedule a time on-site or to log in remotely to solve the problem. Reactive support misses the benefits of a proactive plan and waiting for something to go wrong usually means more and bigger problems, and higher costs to fix them. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

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