IT Services for Macs

Standard IT service doesn’t cut it when you rely on Macs to get business done. That’s why for over 20 years, Phoenix-area organizations have trusted MacTechnologies to manage, monitor and secure their Apple products and networks. We’ve seen it all and we do it all, because we’re passionate about providing the best possible IT service for Apple products.

Managed IT for Macs
Managed IT for Macs

Talk with a certified Apple expert to get a customized assessment of your IT needs today.

Different IT needs require different IT specialties. The good news is we’re certified experts at proactively or reactively solving any issue you may encounter as an Apple-equipped business.

Managed IT

Comprehensive, proactive, outsourced IT support solutions for your business. In-house IT services at a fraction of the cost and none of the hassle or drawbacks that come with staff. We tune your IT to optimum performance and maintain it. We monitor your technology and perform proactive maintenance and updates in the background to keep IT running smoothly. Guaranteed priority response addresses problems quickly, getting you back to work as fast as possible. Device management and security protects your data, employees, and clients and assists with regulatory compliance.

IT Consulting

MacTechnologies can provide you with expert guidance and tailored solutions that fit your needs and budget. Our unbiased advice is based solely on your unique requirements, without any influence from vendors or sales commissions. Our approach is backed by proven real-world deployments, ensuring that you get the best results possible. Trust MacTechnologies to deliver clear, unbiased recommendations for your present and future IT needs.

Virtual CIO 

Acting as your Chief Information Officer, you can leverage the expertise of a seasoned technology leader without the expense of hiring a full-time employee. We can create and guide your IT Vision and Strategy, and create a technology road-map that helps you reach your business goals.

Remote Support

When the need arises, we can solve most issues remotely. We can securely assist you from anywhere in the world to quickly resolve issues and minimize downtime. Our Remote Support is also provided proactively without interference to you to ensure optimum IT performance.

Onsite Support

We come to your office, if needed, to provide support that cannot be performed remotely.

Server Support & Security

We provide top-notch server support and security services to give you peace of mind. Our team of experts works tirelessly to maintain the integrity of your server by implementing robust security measures, monitoring for any potential threats, and providing timely updates and patches.

End User Device Support & Security

Extensive workstation support and security services to safeguard your business assets from cyber threats. Our team of experts will implement the latest security measures, detect and remove malware, and provide timely updates and patches.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Comprehensive backup and disaster recovery services to protect your business data and minimize downtime in the event of a disaster. We work with you to develop a tailored backup and recovery plan that fits your business needs, including regular backups, offsite/cloud storage, and testing to ensure that your data is recoverable.

Network Architecture, Analysis, & Optimization

Complete network services that include designing, analyzing, and optimizing your network. We can design and implement a network architecture that is scalable, reliable, and secure. Or, we can analyze your existing network to identify bottlenecks, security vulnerabilities, or other issues that we can then address it to ensure that it is running at peak performance, providing faster data transfer speeds, improved reliability, and increased security.

Network Security & 24/7 Monitoring

Extensive network security services that include 24/7 monitoring, active threat hunting, threat detection, and mitigation to keep your network safe and secure. We use the latest security technologies and protocols to identify potential vulnerabilities and protect your network from unauthorized access and cyber-attacks. We utilize real-time monitoring and alerts to ensure any potential security issues are quickly identified and addressed.

Server & End User Device Optimization

Comprehensive server and end-user device optimization services to improve the performance and efficiency of your business systems. We identify potential bottlenecks, optimize server and device configurations, and improve network connectivity, all to ensure user and device efficiency. We also provide proactive maintenance and support to ensure that your systems are up-to-date, secure, and always available to your employees.

Priority & Emergency Response

Response services to provide you with fast and effective support when you need it most. Our team of experts quickly respond to emergencies, such as system failures, security breaches, or other critical incidents. We prioritize your issues based on their severity and impact on your business operations, ensuring that critical issues are addressed first, getting you back up and running fast.

Help Desk Support

Services to help your employees resolve technical issues quickly and efficiently. Our team of experts is available to provide remote support to your employees, guiding them through any technical issues they may encounter. We provide support for a vast array of issues, including software installation, device connectivity, and general IT troubleshooting.

IT Policy Management

MacTechnologies can help you develop and implement IT policies that align with your business goals and ensure regulatory compliance. We also provide ongoing policy monitoring and enforcement to ensure that your policies are followed and that any deviations are quickly addressed.

24/7 IT Monitoring

Comprehensive 24/7 IT monitoring services to proactively monitor your IT systems, network, and applications around the clock. We use the latest monitoring tools and technologies to detect and resolve any issues before they impact your business operations. We monitor your IT systems for performance, security, and availability, providing real-time alerts to our support team to ensure that any potential issues are quickly addressed.

Proactive / Preventative Maintenance

Extensive IT proactive/preventative maintenance services to proactively maintain your IT systems, network, and applications. With regular maintenance tasks, like updates, patches, and backups, it ensures that your systems are up-to-date, secure, and always available. We also perform regular performance checks and system optimizations to verify that your systems are operating at peak performance.

Talk with a certified Apple expert to get a customized assessment of your IT needs today.

IT that gets Apple

We’re an IT service founded by Mac lovers. You broke the mold by going with Apple for your business - we’ll help you keep your network and devices secure, reliable, and performing the way Macs should.

Built for business

Our team of experts has helped everyone from big corporations to small shops in the Phoenix area do their best work. How? By taking tech stress off their hands.

An IT team you’ll love

We aren’t just more cost-effective than employing a full-time IT staff. We’re more specialized and certified in the products and systems you use every day. Working with us is a breath of fresh air in the often challenging world of IT.

Secure Backup

Make Apple work even better for you.

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